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Does anyone like watching Bollywood films or better known as Punjabi films? Now you can more easily enjoy shows such as films and others via the site. Just like Hollywood films, Bollywood shows are no less interesting.

All the actors are also classy, so nowadays there are quite a lot of Punjabi film fans. You may be a little more or less familiar with Punjabi films. Actually, Punjabi films are also the same as Bollywood films.

In Indonesia, watching foreign films is quite easy. You can watch it by subscribing to overseas TV. However, you have to be prepared to pay monthly payments which are relatively expensive. It may be that some of you object to this method.

The Easily Way to Enjoy Punjab's Film

Do you like Bollywood actors or those who play in Punjabi films? How are they so good at combining acting and soundtrack. So what's the storyline that really touches the heart? Now, you don't need to bother if you want to watch Punjabi movies.


In the past, you might only be able to watch via Cable TV. The price is expensive, not to mention having to pay monthly. This method can be said to be quite old-fashioned, because there is something easier and more practical.

Especially if you don't watch from Punjabi film streaming sites. After all, watching movies online is much more profitable. You can watch anytime and anywhere without any restrictions.

As a note, even now there are lots of movie streaming sites that offer shows from various genres. Although one with the other usually has advantages and disadvantages of each.

Some have good sites, full impressions, but tend to be full of ads. Apart from that, there are not a few who cannot guarantee the security of the site or application for watching streaming. It could be that these movie viewing sites are the main cause of your device having problems.

So now it's clear, right? Watching Punjabi or Hollywood films is already much easier. You don't need to bother with expensive Cable TV subscriptions. You can immediately select quality Punjabi film streaming sites.

Recommended Sites for Enjoy Punjab's Film

It's not easy to find a quality Punjabi film streaming site. However, there are now a lot of online movie watching sites. It has even mushroomed, because demand is always increasing.

On average, people prefer to watch foreign films or shows online. Because apart from being cheap, the shows presented are no less good than those usually seen on cable TV.

Apart from that, watching foreign films online is also complete. Complete here is both in terms of film choices as well as the services provided such as providing subtitles. For example, if you are a fan of Indian or Punjabi films, you definitely need this feature, right?

However, it will be more comfortable to watch foreign films using subtitles. The problem now is which film streaming site or application is capable of providing quality Punjabi shows?

You can immediately try downloading or accessing the site. There provides Punjabi shows, both films and others. With the best quality, complete service, and of course free.

What Is Used For?

From the start, we have mentioned Exactly what is it? Some of you may not know yet. Especially for Bollywood film fans who previously enjoyed Punjabi shows only via cable TV.

For your information only, is a site or application that provides Bollywood or Punjabi shows. Nowadays, Punjabi films have a lot of fans. Most people are looking for an efficient way to watch Punjabi cinema easily.

The site is the best solution for those who are still confused about finding a platform to watch streaming Punjabi films but don't want to subscribe to cable TV. Even through this streaming site, you can also download the film as a collection.

Don't worry, because this Punjabi film watching platform provides many viewing options. So, you can enjoy films with great satisfaction and don't need to provide excess funds because they are free.

The website is very user friendly. So it can be easily used by anyone from all walks of life. Considering that now fans of Punjabi films cannot be said to be few. You can try it to get an impressive viewing experience.

If you want to try watching Punjabi films here, make sure you don't go wrong. Make sure your site is from India. This site has also just appeared since 2011 ago.

The average genre of shows in it is cinema films. So most of the film languages used are Hindi, Punjabi, and English. Interestingly, the content in it turns out to be not only Punjabi films either.

But there are also Bollywood, regional, Hollywood movies, so it can be said to be quite complete. The format of the content in it also varies. Some are in MP4, MKV, and many WEBM formats.

Likewise, the matter of image quality can also be chosen by the audience. provides images in 480p, 720p and 1080p quality. This site can be an alternative for those of you who are not comfortable watching on 123movies, GoMovies, or Fmovies.

The Advantage of Sites

Complete Collection

The first thing to consider why you should try watching Punjabi films on is because of the complete collection. Make no mistake, this site provides many film titles.

Starting from blockbuster classmates, to hidden gem films, everything is here. There are many genre choices. You can enjoy comedy, romantic, action, drama, and more.

For those of you fans of iconic Punjabi films or maybe you don't want to be left behind with new films, this site is highly recommended. is the best solution you can choose.

Easy to Understand Interface

In addition, this site also has an easy-to-understand interface. The layout is simple, so it seems like it won't be so difficult for all circles when using it. There is even a "search" feature provided.

This feature will make it easier and faster for users to find which Punjabi film they want. However, the films in it are also presented in certain categories.

If you don't know the title of the movie you want, you can just choose by category. So, even if it's your first time accessing this site, it doesn't seem like you'll have any trouble finding the movie you want to watch.

Free Streaming and Download

Can you watch Punjabi movies for free on only? Of course not, because there are still other advantages that might make you impatient to use the site.

The reason is, besides watching for free through this site you can also download it all at once. It's understandable, nowadays there are many film fans who want to collect and collect their favorite films.

So that you can watch it again on another day without the need to activate the internet network. In this way, users can save even more. Imagine if you had to buy original film cassettes? What price must be paid? It's better to download it for free via the site.

Many Video Formats and Image Quality Available

The site really understands that each viewer generally has different preferences. Both in terms of format and image quality of the show you want to watch.

Therefore, this site provides many choices of image quality and video formats. So that viewers can adjust it themselves based on their needs. Moreover, not everyone is in the same condition.

For example, there are those who live in places with poor internet network or bandwidth. They are certainly uncomfortable if they have to watch with a certain image quality. This means that all users can equally experience the best experience when watching.

Easy Navigation System

There are quite a few Punjabi film fans who don't really like watching them on online streaming sites. There are many reasons behind this, but the most common is that the site is confusing.

Generally, those who are uncomfortable find it difficult to find the title of the film they want. Or you could have difficulty even just choosing the film you want to watch. But don't worry, is just the opposite.

This site is equipped with a quality search and navigation system. There is a kind of search box, where users only need to type the film title, actor's name, or director's name to find the desired film.

In fact, it's not only that, because there are also filter and category features. With this feature, users can explore various Punjabi film genres from various genres or find new titles according to their interests.

Regular Updates

Every film streaming site always tries to provide the best for users, is no exception. Sometimes there are sites that turn out to be less comfortable to use. This is usually because they don't update the system regularly.

System updates are very necessary, especially to support user comfort and satisfaction. Regular updates are also always carried out by Not only can the site be much more comfortable to use.

Updates are also being made in terms of filling in the latest films. For Punjabi film fans, you definitely don't want to miss it, right? This site is the only solution because it provides fresh, newly released films.

Provide Subtitle and Dubbing Version

It's just a Punjabi film which is a foreign film. For those of you who are Indonesians, you certainly don't understand all the languages used by Bollywood actors, right? But don't worry because this site has provided subtitles.

These subtitles will help the audience understand the actors' conversations, so that the storyline is easy to understand. Apart from that, the presence of subtitles also makes it easier for those who are not fans of Punjabi films to enjoy them too.

What's even more interesting is that also provides dubbed versions of films. This might make it even easier for you. Like watching a domestic film but with Bollywood actors. However, the dubbed version can only be enjoyed for certain films.

Users Can Leave Reviews and Ratings

Another advantage of this Punjabi film watching site is that users can leave reviews and ratings. If you feel comfortable watching or downloading films here or vice versa, you can immediately write a review.

Writing reviews like this can be a consideration for other users who are still hesitant about watching Punjabi films on the site. You can invite other people to enjoy the film via

In fact, it's not just reviews but also ratings. For example, if you feel quite satisfied, please give a high rating and vice versa. This will be an indirect interaction between you and other film fans around the world.

Some Popular Films in

You may be curious what popular films are provided on this site. Even though the collection is complete, there are still several films that are in the popular category and you should watch as a movie connoisseur, such as:

Films Released in 2016-2020

For those who feel that they are still quite new to Punjabi films, there are old films around  2010-2020 that must be watched. This site provides it, and the popular movies in question such as:

  • Surkhi Bindi [2020]
  • Diljit Dosanjh: The Hero [2020]
  • Carry on Jatta [2018]
  • Jatt & Juliet [2012]
  • Singh Saab the Great [2013]
  • Jatt James Bond [2014]
  • Carry On Jatta 2 [2017]
  • Sardaar Ji [2016]
  • Love Punjab [2016]
  • Jatt & Juliet 2 [2017]
  • Rangeelay [2018]
  • Kala Shah Kala [2010]
  • Jatt & Juliet [2012]
  • Punjab 1984 [2014]
  • Jatt Boys [2013]
  • Dharti [2011]
  • Angrej [2015]
  • Jatt & Juliet Returns [2017]
  • Sardaar Ji 2 [2017]
  • Love Punjab 2 [2018]

Films Released in 2021-2022

If you are looking for Punjabi films with a newer release year, namely around 2021-2022, there are some that are quite popular. You may be looking for the film title below and can watch it via

  • Saunkan Saunkne [2022]
  • Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne [2022]
  • Yaar Mera Titliaan Warga [2022]
  • Maa Da Ladla [2022]
  • Oye Makhna [2022]
  • Lekh [2022]
  • Honeymoon [2022]
  • Chhalla Mud Ke Nahi Aya [2022]
  • Qismat 2 [2021]
  • Sher Bagga [2021]
  • Jatt & Juliet 2 [2021]
  • Rangeelay [2021]
  • Jinde Meriye [2021]
  • Carry On Jatta 2 [2021]
  • Diljit Dosanjh: The Rockstar [2021]
  • Honsla Rakh [2021]
  • Chandigarh Amritsar Chandigarh [2021]
  • Carry On Jatta 3 [2022]
  • Kala Shah Kala 2 [2022]

Film Released in 2023 and 2024

Do you like fresh Punjabi films? There are several film titles that are still being released this year. In fact, there are also new ones coming out next year. This site provides several films in question, namely:

  • Jatt & Juliet 3 [2023]
  • Carry On Jatta 4 [2023]
  • Sher Bagga 2 [2023]
  • Qismat 3 [2023]
  • Rangeelay 2 [2023]
  • Jinde Meriye 2 [2023]
  • Carry On Jatta 5 [2024]
  • Sher Bagga 3 [2024]
  • Qismat 4 [2024]
  • Rangeelay 3 [2024]
  • Jinde Meriye 3 [2024]

How To Download Film from

Are you sure you want to watch films on If so, you might be wondering how to download movies there. Especially those who like collecting Punjabi films every day. To download movies, you can follow the steps below:

Go to the Site

The first thing to do, of course, is to open the site first. Just type in the search field Once open, make sure the site is correct, the sign is that on the first page there are many choices of Punjabi or Bollywood films.

Find the Movie You Want

After that, just look for the film you want to watch. As previously explained, there are 2 ways to choose. One you type in the "search" column is the name of the film, actor or director. Another way is to select movies by category.

Click Downloads

If you have found the film in question, just click on it. Usually a movie icon will appear, then make sure it is your choice. Under the film icon there is a green "download" menu, please just click it.

Wait for the Process to Complete

If you have, just wait for the download process to finish. Usually, the length of the download process depends on your internet connection. The more stable, the time needed is also less. Once successful, you can watch the film offline.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that can be the choice of the best platform for watching Punjabi films for you. With lots of features and advantages in it, starting from an easy-to-understand interface, providing a variety of genres, to regular updates.

Even this Punjabi film streaming site allows you to interact with fellow users through review and rating features. You can also download movies in it to make a collection.

For those who are still wondering whether this site is compatible with all devices? Of course, all devices can certainly access this streaming site. This means you can watch movies through the site from smartphones, tablets and even PC.

Just for your attention, so that watching movies is safer, it is highly recommended for you to update your device's security system. If necessary, install a reliable VPN so that you get a more satisfying viewing experience.